Join Evy Mayer and her friends as they present humorous songs from the 1930s through the 1990s, with subject matter from BCE to the millennium.

With Orrin Star, Allen Hopkins, John Austin, Joy Bennett, Marco Brehm, Chris Davis,
Phyllis Elkind, Toby Fagenson, Jean Farnworth, Don Freidman, Jerry Kisslinger,
David Kleiman, Bob Malenky and Ellen Weiss.

Meet a cast of characters that includes Edna, Boris, Rubber Duckie, Oedipus Rex and assorted vegetables as they take you on a fun-filled journey from the frozen wastes of Siberia to the Island of Manhattan, stopping en route in Wisconsin, Long Island, Kealakekua (HI), the barnyard and the living room. And always remember,

"I don’t wanna hear you use that F-word with your Mother."


  • A Chat With Your Mother (Lou & Peter Berryman)
  • Rubber Duckie (Jeff Moss)
  • My Favorite Vegetarian (Joanne Davis)
  • What Was I Thinking? (Christine Lavin)
  • Breakfast Blues (Ronnie Levine)
  • How To Get a Man (Annette Kirk)
  • My Little Grass Shack (Cogswell, Harrison & Noble),
  • The Barnyard Dance (Carl Martin/Jay Ungar).

"What a WONDERFUL recording! !
Great singing, great musicians, great engineering, great graphics, great songs!
Really nice work, the whole package...I really think this is a terrific piece of work."
(Peter Berryman)

"As the title implies, Humor Me! is 17 songs
with humorous themes written from the 1930s to the 1990s.
This includes songs by Tom Lehrer ("Oedipus Rex"), Christine
Lavin ("What Was I Thinking?"), a couple by Lou & Peter
Berryman ("Living Room"), and others in a similar style...
Mayer accompanies herself on banjo, ukelele, and guitar. The songs
are cleverly arranged and a host of friends help out on concertina,
mandolin, cittern, bass, and vocals. If you like this kind
of humor, you'll certainly find lots to love on this recording."
(JL) Dirty Linen #92
February/March '01