The latest album by the duo,
Double Trouble

Sixteen songs on harp, guitar, drum and ukulele.


Get ready for more trouble
Exciting arrangements sung by Evy Mayer and Jean Farnworth.

This duo is a fine example of what I think of as contemporary traditional musicians, who sing about modern life with the same spirit troubadours of the 19th century sang about their contemporary lives. This is a very engaging, charming album." (Christine Lavin's Top 46 Best of the "Sunday Breakfast" - WFUV 90.7 FM)

"This generous collection of 16 numbers is a well-produced, highly eclectic mix of songs, which showcases both performers' talents as vocalists, instrumentalists and interpreters... An outstanding aspect of this album is the ability of both Jean and Evy to tailor their vocal and emotional range to each song... In sum, this is a grand buffet, truly "Soup To Nuts". (Joanne Davis for The Folk Music Society of New York newsletter)

Their second album.


"...this New Jersey and New York duo, Jean Farnworth and Evy Mayer, have released
and absolutley delightful recording... their choice of material, their stirring harmonies
and their subtle musicianship hits the spot on each track."
Dirty Linen Magazine - June/July 1994

""Twisted, yet sensitive; multi-cultural; extremely dangerous."
New Jersey Folk Project

Cassette only
The first album, recorded live, by the duo,
Double Trouble


  • I Ain't Got Nothin' But the Blues (Duke Ellington & Don George)
  • Sally Gardens (Traditional air, w. William Butler Yeats )
  • Black Girl (Huddie Leadbetter) [Leadbelly]
  • Louise (Paul Siebel)
  • Rain Just Falls (David Halley)
  • A Chat With Your Mom (Lou Berryman)
  • Roll Away the Stone (John Stewart)
  • Song of the Island Manhattan (Annette Kirk)
  • Delia's Gone (Traditional)
  • Dark as a Dungeon (Traditional Appalachian)
  • Karchee Barchina (Traditional Balkan)
  • My Walking Stick (Irving Berlin Music Corp.)
  • Sweet Irene the Disco Queen (Christine Lavin)
  • He Was a Friend of Mine (Traditional Appalachian)
  • How to Get a Man (Annette Kirk)
  • The Castle of Dromore (Traditional English)
  • Meatballs (Traditional Blues)
  • Springtime in Siberia (Joanne Davis)
  • Going to the Zoo (Tom Paxton)
  • Lullabye (John Krumm)

"The harmonies, the instrumentation, the variety of song choices are all excellent."
Jolie Kanat, Winter Park, FL

""Thanks also for the great treatment of (Going to the) Zoo."
Tom Paxton