"Rounds Galore"

Contains 340 rounds by the old masters (Haydn, Mozart, Beethoven, Purcell, Byrd...) plus dozens of folkies and others: Jean Ritchie, Tom Paxton, Tom Chapin, the Seeger family, Garrison Keillor, Peter Schickele, John Krumm, the Berrymans, Ruth Pelham, Isaac Asimov, Sally Rogers, Pat Shaw and many more.

Produced by Sol Weber.

The popular book by Sol "Roundman" Weber

Captivating Rounds,
Old and New.

"The next best thing to being in on a round session with Sol is to have a copy of his new book. Get it!" (Pete Seeger)

"... will delight anyone who enjoys getting together to sing ... will inspire new friendships through song... a wonderful resource for singers, music teachers, community recreation leaders... Thanks, Sol!" (Bob Dalsemer - Past President Country Dance and Song Society)



From John Krumm

Contains twenty-seven unusual & interesting rounds composed & collected by John Krumm. With comments on their composition, a workshop on creating rounds, & an appendix on the basics of music theory.

  • "Invitation"
  • "Misty Morning"
  • "Winter" "
  • "Spring (Lust)"
  • "Summer"
  • "Fall (The Road)"
  • "Solstice Round"
  • "Dance for the Nations"
  • "Onawa's Waltz"
  • "Just One Word"
  • "Priest's Song"
  • "Alleluia"
  • "Pitter-Patter"
  • "Dancing Voices"
  • "Sol"
  • "On Time"
  • "A Study in Scarlet"
  • "The Adventure of the Second Stain"
  • "A Mathematician"
  • "Songs"
  • "Bells"
  • "Goodnight"
  • "Traveling Home"
  • "Lullaby"
  • "Night Hymn"
  • "Buffalo Gap"
  • "Quand la Nuit se Pose"

  • Accompanying cassette out of print. New one coming soon.

    From John Krumm

    A collection of twenty-seven songs, rounds, and partner songs to celebrate
    life and community.

  • "Ashokan"
  • "Brasstown Goodnight Song"
  • "Four Nursery Rhymes" "
  • "Diana"
  • "Family"
  • "Grace"
  • "Lord Have Mercy"
  • "Winds of Change"
  • "Ribbon, Bell and Song"
  • "Winter Assembly"
  • "Miquon in our Hearts/Fields of Childhood"
  • "Joy of My Heart"
  • "Two Rounds in the Xhosa Style"
  • "Les Clartes de la Nuit"
  • "Slumber, Slumber"
  • "The Sun Worshippers"
  • "Candles"
  • "The Garden of the Lord"
  • "Old Friend"
  • "Philomele"
  • "Tom Brown's Poem"
  • "Walk in the Green"